welcome to the website of america’s neighbor boy, Gabe noah (me). I’m stand up comic and filmmaker. I just recorded my debut album “that honky’s crazy” for grammy award winning stand up records. I’ve been featured on the front page of cracked.com, mydamnchannel ,rooftop comedy and funny or die. I’ve performed my stand up at clubs and festivals across north america including mexico and canada. Most of my comedy shorts were done with my group The Turkeys.

Look around and hit me on twitter or fb if you want to insult me directly. Please share if you like anything...it’s better than money and food.
— Gabe
Here’s a real dilly about dying for a girl and Bruno Mars.
— Joke Joint (St. Paul MN)
LEON: I wasn’t really acting, so much as just BEING. I knew I was perfect for the role. I was 9 soft pounds overweight, with the perfect amount of body hair to gross people out. Isaac Witty is the other guy in it. check out his stand up
I’ve written a few of these now. I’ll even toss them into my stand up show. One of my favorite things to do. This one was featured on the front page of Cracked.com
anti-anti bullying.
— Turkey's Show at Hell's Kitchen
Hookers in the Morning
— Acme Comedy Company
SUICIDE BY COP: animated by the great IVAN MOE! (Check him out with the link below)
— Recorded at an empty Comedy Corner Underground
Where White People Meet: I really love this one despite it being perhaps one of the least original things I’ve ever done.
This sketch was the reason I wanted to start The Turkeys. For perverts only. This one never got the love I hoped. Please help me rectify the situation. I should have earned millions.
*Song at beginning is a Tom Waits Cover
This is still a work in progress. Just skip past the promo to see the comedy parts. I really love these weird fuckin things.
Just a couple business sketches....these should maybe just be in the videos section. I’m just too lazy to click and drag them. I do like them both.

 Commercial Web Series:

This is a sample of a commercial web series I wrote for a St. Paul Company called “When I Work”. It was a soap opera send up highlighting the drama that an unorganized company invites. This particular episode was born out of the clients request that I write something about “Buddy Clocking”.
— commercial sample

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